Figurative/ Objective Paintings

There’s always been present in my practice the desire to catalogue the everyday. Using portraiture, figurative image making and self-portraiture; capturing my environment through the people and objects which reflect the time period, social situations, and collective consumerism I exist within.

Moon dance after dali
Moondance, after Dali, 2008, 76 x 101.5 cm, oil on canvas (Toronto)
04 After Scherman
After Scherman, 2008, 91.5 x 152 cm, acrylic on canvas (Toronto)

Student portrait works:


Disinterested, 2010, 76 x 119 cm, acrylic and oil on canvas (Toronto)
Post Olympic Hockey Excitement and Togetherness
Post Olympic Hockey Excitement and Togetherness 2010 (Toronto)


G20 Fish bowl, 2010 (Busan)


Linear Landscapes Exhibition, Agit Indie Space, Busan

These works combined objects, people and the natural landscapes I encountered in the first six months of my life abroad in Busan, South Korea.


You can read more about Observer Perspective by following the link.

installation girls dazzle
Observer Perspective, 2011-2012, watercolour on felt, detail (Busan)


self portrait 2013
Self-portrait 2013, oil on canvas (Cheongju)


Here’s a piece that I was working on for awhile but has been out on hold for several reasons (including a residency program in 2017- See Art Space Jang page.) Mainly I couldn’t continue working on it due to a lack of space, hopefully I will be able to pick it back up again on my next sojourn to Korea. This mural was meant to be paired with a colouring book, an idea I am still figuring out the logistics for as well. Anyone interested in funding or collaborating on a similar project in Canada feel to send me a message.


I’m currently working on a figurative/ objective series, and when each of the pieces are closer to completion you can see them here. In the meantime, I’ve posted the works in progress to my Instagram page.